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Three childhood friends set out on a mission to make the smoothest spirits known to man. Before that journey could take place the Coronavirus took ahold of the World. We decided to quickly spring into action to help out our community by making hand sanitizer. As medical supplies became more readily available we were able to resume our experimentation into making ultra smooth spirits.


The Smoothest Spirits Known To Man

After hours and hours of trial and error we developed our proprietary filtration system the Aquifilter. This system incorporates filtration media found in natures aquifer systems that purify water. This resulted in our first spirit, Lightning Whiskey. We had to show the world our new creation, so we decided to enter the first competition we could find the 2020 Sunset International Spirits Competition and won a gold medal. We are continuing that journey and are excited to share it with you as we will continue to create new and exciting spirits with our signature ultra-smooth finish

lightning in bronze cup.webp

Our Journey So Far


Goal Recognition

4 Life long friends who share a common enthusiasm for smooth liquor decide their goal is to create a spirit better than anything they could buy on the shelf. 


Coronavirus - Lightning Spirits steps up to the plate

During the worldwide pandemic Lightning Spirits LLC donated thousands of bottles of hand in-house made sanitizer to local hospitals, nursing homes, and those who are unable to afford it.

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